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"The Ebony Gold" Pro Micro Box Cajon by Rozegrave

"The Ebony Gold" Pro Micro Box Cajon by Rozegrave

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This Pro Micro Cajon boasts the fattest bass and crispest highs thanks to its resonance and acoustics. These are the cajons I use in my live performances every time.

Setup and transportion is ultra simple with this Rozegrave Basic Micro Cajon. It connects to your favorite PA system or capable amp/speaker* using just a 1/4” instrument cable.

No need for a cumbersome and unreliable microphone system. You'll know it will respond and sound the same in any environment. Access ultra portable full drum kit sounds with an incredibly small footprint on stage or at home.

The cajon offers thick bass, crisp snare claps, and a hi hat accent. Play them held in one hand like a Pandiero drum, on your lap or between your knees, or even on a gig tray or stand.

Our cajons are also designed with the looping performer in mind, and our resulting “looping friendly” micro box drum can be operated with just the touch of the tip of ones finger.

Achieving electro acoustics similar to a full contact hit with this method, a musician can create complex backing or featured drum loops without removing a guitar or other gear to lay it down. Set it on a gig tray attached to your mic stand, or place it a table near your loop pedal, plug in, and groove away.

Our cajons also offer fantastic opportunities for the touring musician, as an entire cajon rig, amplifiable to huge volumes, can be packed easily in a suitcase and taken on buses, vans, and even airplanes. It slides into your backpack or gig case in a transparent fashion, and is extremely portable.

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